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It’s Been Awhile

Hey wuz good, sorry I haven’t been here in awhile, it has been a busy couple weeks. I’m gettin ready for college y’all, and that process takes forever! Scholarships, lookin for jobs, money( that I don’t have) and alot of other things that I haven’t even got to yet, but I’m here now, don’t cry.

Okay, so i have this thing were i find new artist all the time, and if i like their music i add them to my music, and one of the new ones i found was Frank Ocean, he is a good singer and rapper, and on top of all that, he is fine as hell!

I’m Baaaaack!!!!!!!!!

So I went on a camping trip right, it was good in a way, and bad in other ways. I rode a bike for 5 days straight, and for a phat girl, I did pretty good. (Good part) For the bad part of my camping trip, there was this women who would not stop gettin on my nerves, and on top of that oh girl think she can talk to me any old kinda way, all I’m sayin is she better be glad it was sunday or I woulda knocked all her teeth out her mouth, how you doin!!!!!!!!!!!

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